SAMAN  |  Interactive Landscape

May 2016, Istanbul.


“Saman” is an interactive reinterpretation of human-nature relationship with an artificial setting by transforming sound to movement. This setting comprises reeds which have an important role in traditional Romanian architecture with computational mechanisms. In juxtaposing the traditional and contemporary, we are creating a contrast between natural and artificial.

Basically, there are two components of the project which are connected to each other. One is digitally controlled mechanical system , the other one is a landscape part consist of reeds which enters into a dialogue with human depending on the sound intensity. Both are unhide and visible in order to intensify the contrast theme. Digital control is provided by a micro controller which collects sound datas arrived from three independent sound sensors and sends information for processing in digital environment. The information turns back to mechanical system as movement and spins the wheels. Spinning wheels wave an elastic mesh which is connected with the reeds. Finally, the reeds swing in accordance with the sound intensity. By this way, the user (human) speaks to the reeds(nature) and gets a response as a different way of communication.


The reeds which are used as material, are collected from Vacaresti Delta so that the design integrates into endemic texture of Bucharest. Also it reduces the total cost with using the dead plants. Usage of reeds as a design material is also a traditional value in Romanian architecture especially in thatched roofs. Therefore It is an interpretation of contrast between traditional and contemporary to use these traditional materials with digitally controlled mechanical system.

An indoor space in “Combinatul Fondului Plastic (CFP)” is the suitable location for this installation because it strengthens our contrast theme due to its artificial atmosphere. The installation occupies approximately 2 x 6 meters. Final form and structure will be decided with students during the workshop. So, we are open to flexibilities about form and size. We will observe how the audiences communicate with the installation and how it will react to them. So, We think that the closest category to our concept is “Spatial Performance. Urban Scenography”.

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